College Rules :

Students have to follow the rules when they are in college campus. College have decided the Code of conduct for Students, that are given below.

-Admission will be cancelled if the student will absent continuously a week without pre-permission except Medical reason.It's mandatory to follow the discipline diligently being conscious in the class.

-Without pre-permission of the concerned lecturers, do not enter in the class/laboratories or do not leave it.

-It's mandatory to complete given tutorials, homework, practicals, seminars faithfully.

-It's mandatory for all student to attend the Unit tests, pre-Semister examinations which held by college. Those students will not follow these things, they will be punished.

-Request to management or principal to arrange the extra classes, periods to control the private tutions.

-Student should be present for the programs related to study and complementory to study as well as extent and social service, organized by College & University.

-N.S.S. candidates should participate in all programs, camps organized by College & University. Students should devote himself in these programs.

-Those student who participated in cultural program should be present for practice regularly. Those who are absent will not be selected as a representative for University Youth Festival & other competitions.

-Student's should develop their scientific, secular attitude, assimilation of ethics as well as democracy, national integrity like such ideal principles in their thoughts & deed.

-To take admission in the College or University or for getting any unfair advantage, doing wrong statements, representing wrong information, illegal certificates, or joining in these illegal activities is a serious type of CRIME.

-Students should be respectful towards their Lecturers, concerned officers. When talking about them may be in college campus, University or outside; should speak respectfully.

-Don't do slandering or indiscriminate accuses about your classmates in front of lecturers or management.

-Behave respectfully to the non-teaching staff and speak them politely.

-Don't write any indecent, dirty, insulting words or any matter which will be reponsible for character assassination on the black-board or walls or in campus about Girl Student in the College.

-Students should inform their parents about their educational development and problems.

-Don't provide wrong or mis-guided information to your parents about educational activities of College and University.

-Parents should get information about student's educational development from concerned officers of college. Parents should be aware and careful about their wards.

-Without pre-permission of the College Principal to run to news-papers, speech in college campus, strike,to have riot, to gherao, and stiring up for college or classes bunk is a nature of Crime.

-If the students misbehave in the college or voilate the rules will be punishable as follows for their disobey.

       :- Strict warning to the student that he/she will not misbehave again.

       :- Cancelling the admission, Ban on next admission.

       :- Cancellation of academic year.

       :- Cancelling or Holding back the Hall-ticket of University Exam.

       :- Expelling from College.

       :- Dues upto Rs. 300/-, not refunding the Fee or deposited amount.

       :- Will not allow in Jym, Library and other facilities for perticular duration.

       :- Cancelling insolvency, scholarship or other economical benifits.

       :- Not permitting to appear any Examination held by College or University for perticular duration.But            this duration will not be more than 5 years.

       :- Action will be taken by considering the nature of misbehave.